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Full spectrum photography Wednesday, 12th Aug 2009 | 03:04
I've come across this thing called full spectrum photography on Wikipedia, which produces eerie and interesting pictures. It uses a regular camera, but special film and modifications. The cool part is that it's not a digital effect or an edited picture - the colors are actually there in nature (we humans just can't see them all).

All these awesome pictures come from

This is the one I really wanted to have as an example, but the site doesn't allow direct linking to most images: Colorado Landscape

The artist does scenes with people also: Woman and ivy


Mood: artistic

Saturday, 9th May 2009 | 02:57
I just read what the teleprompter says.. and then I fill in emotion as needed:

Mount Everest


Monday, 20th Apr 2009 | 13:45
This is just so cool:

Although it looks like a steampunk robot, it's actually a French diving suit from the 1880's.


Mood: impressed Tuesday, 7th Apr 2009 | 02:17
An oldie but a goodie:


I want 50 babies Saturday, 7th Mar 2009 | 01:18
Too many good bits to explain, just watch:


Wednesday, 18th Feb 2009 | 02:42
Such a good song and such a good video:

Please watch and give me your opinion.


Tuesday, 3rd Feb 2009 | 01:40
I was in a grocery store earlier this evening and they played Jane Child! I never knew I had such power...


Monday, 8th Dec 2008 | 02:48

What is hotter than a punk girl? The same girl with a multi-track console in front of her.

Jane Child

(you may have to wait through an ad, I tried to link around it, but if not, I'm sorry)


Friday, 5th Dec 2008 | 03:14


Happy Halloween! Thursday, 30th Oct 2008 | 20:45
For those of you that don't have your own pumpkin, or for those that do but need a little practice, you need this important tool:

Pumpkin Simulator

Happy Samhain / Halloween / Hallowe’en / All Hallows' Eve


Mood: scared

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